"What If There Was a Gas Shortage Tomorrow...

... Would You Still Have Central Heating and Hot Water?"

Dear energy consumer…

If you’re anything like I am, you’ll be worried by this prospect because it could happen to us all any day soon.

Here’s why…

Coal fired power stations are being phased out because they don’t meet tough, new pollution regulations, so there will be a need for an alternative energy source to create our electricity.

Now, according to the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), by the year 2020, 70% of our electricity will have to be generated from gas instead of coal.

"Think about this for a moment."

We will be using one dwindling and extremely valuable form of energy to create another.

It’s madness because North Sea gas only has a finite supply left and it will run out one day.

When this happens, our nation will be at the mercy of countries like Belgium, Qatar and Russia to supply all of our gas requirements - and remember, they can restrict our supply at any time.

So just imagine being in this situation and suddenly the gas supply is cut off. I’m sure you would be affected by it, like most other people.

"Our Country would be in trouble."

Looking at other options, we can rule out nuclear power to light up our homes and business because it’s unacceptable to the population, due to safety issues. Plus, they cost an absolute fortune to build and need many years to construct.

It would be wrong to think oil is the answer to heat our homes either. This is a serious problem where crude oil is vanishing at an alarming rate, so we can’t rely on that energy source for obvious reasons.

"Look… we are literally running out of fossil fuels."

As you can see, we’re heading for a potential shortage of everything one day, which will definitely create another major problem for us all.

And it’s this…

Because demand will outstrip supply at sometime in the future, energy prices are set to keep rising, with industry experts predicting they will at least double in the next ten years.

This will create fuel poverty for six million British people and misery for the rest of us with the cost of energy reaching levels well beyond what we would like to pay.

So for our country to rely on gas supply to keep us going when coal powered stations are closed is not a good idea.

"So what are the options?"

"Well, at last, there is some good news."

You’ll be glad to know that the next big thing to gain in popularity for heating our homes and businesses is the Biomass boiler. These will eventually be replacing conventional gas, coal and oil fired boilers in the future.

Now, to put it into context, just think back to how much solar you saw five years ago compared to what you see today.

The same is set to happen with Biomass and crucially, they are totally exempt from the problems associated with fossil fuels.

And now, you’re in luck because…

People like YOU can really benefit from this new technology where you get paid to have one installed - and that’s why I want you to know about it.

"What does this mean to you then?"

"Simply stated, you can have one of these new, efficient heating systems for FREE, right now!"

Here’s what’s happening…

Our Government is whole heartedly backing this different type of heating system - and they are prepared to pay out huge sums of money to get more consumers onto it.

They realise that we are all being held to ransom by energy suppliers and they’re prepared to do something about it at their cost, because, it’s a huge concern for them.

Now then…

I want to let you into a SECRET here.

I can tell you now that the government is encouraging individuals and businesses like you to switch to this fuel of the future and they are prepared to pay a lot of money to get you on to it.

"Just consider this."

"You will get paid a substantial amount of money for the renewable energy you produce,
to heat your own home or business."

What a fantastic concept, here’s how it works…

A £200 million pot of money has been set aside to allow people like YOU to have one of these new boiler systems absolutely free, right now!

The same happened with solar a few years ago. A £360 million fund was made available to subsidise companies and individuals. As more signed up for it, solar became more acceptable and popular.

Now, this is the really interesting part…

At the moment, the government will fund the entire cost of the system and give you some extra money on top to encourage you to switch. There is no catch here - it’s entirely true.

They will also pay you a fixed income for every Kilo watt hour of heat you produce from a Biomass boiler for a set number of years.

Not only do you save money on your running costs, but they pay you for the entire installation cost as well.

Remember, it’s their duty to make these systems available, because it would be a nightmare for our country to suffer gas & electricity shortages.

Not only that…

The government is being fined heavily by the E.U. for not meeting the alternative energy targets and that’s why they are keen to assist people like you to switch to a heating system that is more sustainable.

"Now, here’s the best part."

The one’s who were smart enough to take advantage of the solar feed tariffs at the beginning were the BIG winners and now it’s your turn to take advantage of this.

Being in at the beginning brings the biggest benefit to you. And I can tell you now, hardly anyone knows about this stuff at the moment.

"What it will mean to you!"

Here are the benefits you will enjoy…

  • You will have peace of mind and security for your family, knowing that you are no longer held to ransom by the energy companies and gas suppliers.
  • You can PROFIT from being in the opportunity early claiming huge sums of money from the Renewable Heat Incentive programme.
  • You can SAVE a whole packet of money each year on your heating bills by using a much cheaper energy source.
  • And… You can feel good about using a really efficient system that’s less harmful to the environment.

"So as you can see."

There’s so much in your favour with this opportunity, especially if you enter at an early stage of the incentive programme.

It’s an irresistible offer that you may not have known about for some time. By then the heat incentive programme could have finished.

Ok then, I expect you may be wondering what sort of fuel is required to power one of these boilers.

Let me explain…

A biomass boiler runs on compressed wood pellets which are fed into the system from the hopper.

Because the pellets are a solid mass, they last longer in the system compared to what gas would last in a conventional boiler.

A whole industry has emerged supplying these pellets, which are made from Willow wood chippings. For every tree cut down, five more are planted in their place, so it’s a supply that’s unlikely to run out and a huge benefit to the environment.

Moving on…

"Here is an interesting fact
for all the Eco Warriors."

  • These boilers are 90% efficient, while achieving low emissions. Also, they are actually rated as carbon neutral because they give off approximately the same amount of Carbon Dioxide from burning the wood pellets as what the tree would absorb during it’s lifetime.
  • For every tonne (or 1000 Kilos) of pellets burned, the system produces just five Kilos of ash.
  • The wood pellets are made from cropped wood chippings which are compressed, for a really efficient burn cycle.

I think you’ll agree, these boilers tick all the boxes for the green campaigners in helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

And if you’re patriotic…

"Made in England."

The biomass boiler we supply is unique with it’s excellent build quality and eco efficient design and… it’s also Made in England by Wood Energy Solutions.

Here’s a chance for you to support a world class leading UK product which comes fully guaranteed for five years.

The WES boiler is stylish, efficient, clean burning and cheap to run and that’s why it has the solid backing of our government. On these facts alone, you should have the confidence to install one in your property.

As most homes and businesses still use the conventional mix of electric, gas, coal or oil for heat and power, you now eliminate the risk of running short of central heating and hot water, by using this alternative heat source.

So, if you want to…

  • Save money on your heating bills.
  • Make money from the Heat Incentive scheme.
  • Be more environmentally friendly.
  • Or, if you just want to secure yourself against possible energy shortages in the future.

Then, you really should consider having one of these installed in your home or business.

The bottom line is this…

The renewable Heat Incentive programme started in April 2014. The SECRET is to have yours installed as soon as you can from this date.

At the moment, the scheme covers the price of the boiler and gives you some extra FREE money on top as well for converting to Biomass.

But please, get in quick though, because as soon as people realise this fantastic opportunity is available, many others will be signing up for the scheme.

Also, this heating system is steadily trickling up in price and could drastically rise one day, due to the increased demand. So look, it’s much better to have one now rather than later.

This offer is only around as long as the government funding is available. When it’s gone – it’s gone!

This is the best time to have one - especially as the cost of energy sky rockets every year.

Right now, you simply cannot lose.

You can have one installed and the Government will pay you for it and give you some extra money on top - ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED!

And there’s more…

If you are off grid, then you will automatically receive a grant for another £2,000, on top of the heat incentive programme when you have one installed.

"Just consider this for a moment."

One day, everyone might have to change over to alternative energy anyway. Here’s your chance to have a FREE boiler, fully installed and guaranteed, right now at someone else’s cost.

I mean, where else can you get something for free?

You really would be unwise to miss out on this, especially if you have an old, inefficient system or one that runs on coal or oil.

"I have to say though, this is not for everyone."

First of all, your property needs to be a certain size to qualify for the scheme. You need a bit more room to accommodate one of these boilers and you have to be prepared to fill the hopper with wood pellets every few days. But, that’s it.

Ok, so now I’m going to show you how you can have one of these absolutely for FREE through the Government incentive scheme, which covers the cost and even pays you extra money on top. It’s a brilliant concept.

"Ok, what I want you to do is this."

Please view the links below and you will see there is no catch at all. You can check out all the facts and figures for yourself and make an informed decision before contacting me.

Then, if you’re seriously interested and you would like to enjoy all of the benefits of the scheme to safeguard you and your family from rising energy prices, I’d like you to get in touch with me immediately. You can do this preferably by email, or you can phone me for a friendly chat.

Look, I’m going to make this really easy for you.

Following on from our first email contact, I’ll supply you with more exciting details so you can see for yourself how the figures work out.

That’s how confident I am that you’ll benefit from receiving this system totally free -and I’ll prove it to you.

Hey, this removes any of the fears you may have about being pressured to sign up for something you may not want.

Instead, I’m taking the honest, sincere approach and I’m going to show you all the details first so you can make a decision in your own time. That way you can be assured there’s nothing to worry about. Is that fair?

There is no high pressure selling involved with this because, even if you weren’t interested in benefitting from this amazing money give away, we know the next person will be.

So, serious people only – let’s not waste each others time.

My personal mobile number is: 07855 459944
My personal email is: s.price627@ntlworld.com

But please…

Don’t wait until we have a gas crisis before making your mind up, because, it might be too late then to take advantage of this offer. The price of these boilers would absolutely sky rocket as demand outstrips supply.

And more importantly…

The waiting list for an installation would increase drastically as more people make the change over to Bio mass. By then, you could have frozen in a cruel and cold winter.

The best thing is to get in early before too many others know about this. It really is a limited opportunity if you want to claim the maximum benefits.

This fantastic opportunity won’t be around for very long, so please make your mind up quick because I would hate you to miss out.

But whatever you decide…

Remember that energy supply and prices is a huge problem for us all and can only get worse with time.

Why suffer this when our company can install a state of the art, super efficient Bio mass boiler at no cost to you. It’s an investment in your future and won’t even cost you one penny.

Honestly, I’m not joking. You wouldn’t believe the amount of money that’s being given away at the moment to subsidise this.

So please contact me immediately and you could be part of a remarkable group of people helping to ease the strain on the earth’s natural resources, while making a big fat profit at the same time.

It’s surely worth a no obligation call or email to see if you qualify for one.

It’s a limited – time offer only and those that qualify will definitely profit from it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stuart Price

(Independent consultant / advisor for SKS Renewables)

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PS. Just imagine for a moment, life without your central heating. If a gas crisis hit us at a critical time of the year, you could suffer a long and COLD winter - so take advantage of this unbelievable offer while it’s available. What have you got to lose?